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Did you know?

India’s GST is based on Canadian model

What is GST registration?

Goods and Services Tax has replaced most of the indirect taxes in India, including VAT, excise duty, and service tax. A single GST registration (GSTIN) will serve as a replacement for nearly all indirect tax registrations. Currently, the online GST registration process is quite very simple. Goods and services are subject to GST. All value additions are subject to this multistage, destination-based tax, which is levied on all of their components. The law of GST applies throughout India. A new GST registration is relatively straightforward because the GST registration Online consists of only a few basic stages.

If there is a point of sale / value addition, then and only then, GST is charged. Intra-state transactions are taxed at both the Central and State levels, whereas inter-state sales are taxed at the Integrated Level.

In order to register for the GST, taxpayers must do the following:

States in the northeastern region, such as Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand, have a Rs 10 lakh threshold.

The maximum for service providers is Rs.20 Lakhs

External suppliers
Casual taxpayer/non-resident taxpayer
Supplier’s agents and input service distributors paying reverse charge tax
e-commerce aggregator supplier
e-commerce aggregators
Non-registered taxable person providing online information and database access services from outside India to a registered taxable person

Did you know?

Amitabh Bachchan has been roped in as the brand ambassador to promote Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Who is required to register for GST?

GST registration online

Every business that buys and sells goods and services, or provides services, must register for GST. Businesses in India with annual sales exceeding Rs.20 lakhs (for services) or Rs.40 lakhs (for goods) must register for GST and obtain a valid GSTIN.

All businesses that ship goods interstate must register for GST and have a valid GSTIN. Company employees who make taxable deliveries for others, such as agents and brokers, are subject to the same rules.

A new GST registration to obtain a GSTIN is simple because there are only a few basic steps. (visit

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Benefits of Registering for GST

When a business registers for GST, it receives a number of advantages. Several of the most frequently cited advantages include the following:

If you are a business that has registered itself in accordance with the GST standards, then, you will be recognised by the law. Businesses that have registered in accordance with the government’s standards will also be recognized by the general public and consumers.

Appropriate Accounting-
  • With GST registration, you can follow appropriate accounting cycles.
Schemes and incentives:
  • Businesses that register for GST can make use of a number of distinct advantages and government incentives that are available to them.

Lower Tax Rates:
  • The composition tax scheme is available to taxpayers with annual income of less than Rs 1.5 crore. The composition tax scheme provides an incentive to pay less in taxes.

Double Taxation:
  • Where a business is registered for GST in line with the requirements of the government it will be exempt from double taxation and will obtain relief and exemptions from double taxation as a result of doing so.

E-Way Bill-
  • By using this method of registration, a new logistics system can be accessed via the E-Way Bill system.

Penalty Protection-
  • If your firm meets the eligibility criteria for GST Registration, you must register under GST or face penalties and fines.

Did you know?

The first Indian state which implemented GST was Assam

Documents Required For GST Registration

       Bullet Proprietor’s PAN Card
       Bullet Aadhaar Card
       BulletPhotograph of the Proprietor
       Bullet Address Proof of Business (see note below)
      Bullet Deed of Partnership
       Bullet The Partnership firm’s Identification number (PAN)
       BulletAll partners’ PAN cards, photographs, and Aadhaar cards are required. 
       Bullet Letter of Authorization-An official document confirming the appointment of an authorised signatory (Format will be provided by us)
         Bullet Proof of Address (Business – see note below)
       Bullet The entity’s PAN card
       Bullet Incorporation / Registration Certificate
       Bullet All Directors must have a PAN card, a photograph, and an Aadhaar card.
       Bullet Letter of Authorization-An official document confirming the appointment of an authorised signatory (Format will be provided by us)
       Bullet Proof of Address (Business – see note below)
       BulletHUF PAN (Personal Account Number)
       BulletKarta HUF Affidavit photo, Pan Card, and Aadhaar card (Format will be provided by us)
       Bullet Proof of Address (Business – see note below)
        Bullet Photographs, PAN cards, and Aadhar cards of the promoters/partners, as well as the Pan Card of the society/trust/registration club’s certificate are required.
       Bullet Incorporation / Registration Certificate
       Bullet Letter of Authorization-An official document confirming the appointment of an authorised signatory (Format will be provided by us)
       Bullet Proof of Address (Business – see note below)

Note for Address Proof GST Registration

Having your own office?
  • A copy of the most recent electric bill,
  •  The municipal khata copy
  • Most recent property tax receipt, (Any 1)
  • and a copy of the property documents
Rented a space?
  • A copy of your most recent utility bill
  • Municipal Khata copy or
  • Most recent Property Tax Receipt (Any 1)
  • And a Copy of the Rental agreement.

Did you know?

GST was first implemented in India on July 1, 2017


When do you have to pay the Goods and Services Tax (GST)?

Under the GST framework, the GST is charged at every point of sale. Within-state sales are subject to both Central and State GST. All interstate transactions are subject to the Integrated GST.

Please note that the GST registration online is a highly simplified procedure.

Is it necessary to charge GST on interstate supplies?

For services provided between states, individuals who make a total annual turnover of Rs. 20 lakhs are excluded from getting a GSTR 1 registration. (Persons who make taxable supplies of services through e-commerce operators are exempt from obtaining compulsory GST registration if their aggregate annual revenue does not exceed Rs. 20 lakh.

Is GST required?

Yes, you are obligated to register for GST and have a valid GSTIN once your annual revenue surpasses the stipulated threshold amounts.

Can I Register multiple business under one GST?

Yes, with single gst id that is GSTIN .you can do n number of business. However you need different GSTIN for associated entities and branches and where the key person is different.

Do I need to renew my GST Registration?

Regular taxpayers’ GST registration certificates do not have a validity time and do not expire unless they are cancelled. GST registrations – i.e, GSTIN for casual taxable individuals and non-resident taxable persons, on the other hand, are only valid for a limited time.

How much time do I have to register for GST?

The application for GST registration must be submitted within 30 days of the date on which the applicant becomes liable to obtain GST registration.

Is the GST Registration that has been granted to a person permanent?

Yes, once a GST registration certificate has been issued, it remains in effect until it is relinquished, cancelled, suspended, or revoked by the owner.

Can we download a registration certificate from GSTN Portal?

Fill in your login information. Select Services, then User Services, then View/Download Certificates from the drop-down menu that appears. The GST certifications issued by the Goods and Services tax authority will be listed in descending order on the screen.

Is there a specific date when the registration will become effective?

If the applicant submits a registration application more than thirty days after the date on which he becomes eligible for registration, the registration will take effect on the day on which the registration is granted.

Whether or not someone who isn't registered for GST can claim ITC and collect tax is debatable.

No, an individual who is not registered for GST cannot collect GST from his clients or claim input tax credits for GST paid.

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