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Digital Signature & Purpose

A Digital signature is used to defend digital communications from manipulation and imitation. It’s a virtual model of a handwritten signature, however with extensively more protection constructed in. Emudhra DSC may be used to affirm the origin, identity, and standing of a digital document. In many countries, which includes India, DSC have the equal legal reputation as conventional kinds of signed documents. It is utilised in several e-Government programs in India, which includes on line submitting of Income tax returns, business enterprise registration and management, and e-Tendering.

Where can I use my Digital Signature Certificate ?

Digital signatures are used for a number of important documents, especially legal ones or official in nature.

Here are some examples of government documents that can benefit from emudhra DSC:

Bullet Filing tax returns

Bullet Employee Provident Fund (EPF)

Bullet MCA eProcurement / eTendering

Bullet DGFT (IET)

Bullet GST

Bullet Property Rights Intellectual (IP) (IPR)) ·


Valid Must Haves For Indian Individuals

Individual applicant

  1. Aadhar Offline XML (or)
  2. PAN (Self attested soft copy)
  3. Address proof (Self attested soft copy)
  4. Passport size photo (soft copy)`

Click here for acceptable proof details

Organization Applicant

  1. Authorization letter (if applicable)
  2. Identity proof
  3. Organizational registration proof
  4. Authorized signatory proof

Click here for acceptable proof details


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Valid Must Haves For Foreign Individuals

Foreign Attestation process using an authorization letter with the business seal and signature

  1. Native country’s embassy (If applicant is out of native country)
  2. After Public Notary, Apostilled by Native Country (if country is in Hague Convention)
  3. After Public Notary, Consularized by Native Country (if country is not in Hague Convention)
  1. Attested copy of  Applicant’s passport
  2. Attested copy of VISA (if applicant is out of native country)
  3. Attested copy of Resident Permit certificate (If applicant is in India)
  1. Attested copy of applicant’s passport
  2. Attested copy of any other Government issued address proof.

DSC-Acceptable Identity and Address proof

Identity proof (any one of the following)
  1. Aadhaar (e KYC Service)
  2. Passport
  3. PAN Card
  4. Driving Licence
  5. Post Office ID Card
  6. Passbook/statement of a bank account with an individual’s photograph and signature, attestation by a bank employee .
  7. The Ministry of Home Affairs issued photo ID card.
  8. Any government-issued photo identification with your name and address on it


Address proof (any one of the following)
  1. Aadhaar (e KYC Service)
  2. Telephone Bill
  3. Electricity Bill
  4. Water Bill
  5. Gas connection
  6. Passbook/statement of a bank account with an individual’s photograph and signature, attestation by a bank employee.
  7. GST registration certificate
  8. Driving License (DL)/ Registration certificate (RC)
  9. Voter ID Card
  10. Passport
  11. Property Tax/ Corporation/ Municipal Corporation Receipt
  12. Any government-issued photo identification with your name and address on it.
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DSC - Commonly asked queries

A DSC is an electronic representation of a signature that can be used to verify the sender of a message report while keeping up with the unique content of the message or, alternatively, the file. Digital signatures are versatile and invulnerable to others: Without the possibility of confirming receipt of the underlying marked message, the sender cannot later withdraw the message.

DSCs (Digital Signature Certificates) are an electronic variant of a physical or paper Signature, like a driver’s permit or identification. DSC demonstrate a person’s identity for a particular reason; for instance, a visa distinguishes somebody as a resident of that nation, permitting them to legitimately head out to any country. A Digital Signature Certificate can likewise be utilized to affirm your identity, access data or administrations on the Internet, or carefully sign specific reports.

To send and receive encrypted messages that have been carefully signed, use DSC.

Manage secure online exchanges or distinguish other members from electronic exchanges.

In applications such as eTendering, eProcurement, MCA [for filing business documents], Income Tax [for filing personal contribution statements] and many others.

For signing MSWord, MSExcel and PDF files.

Help in realizing a paperless office.

A certificate for digital signature uniquely associates the identification of a person or alternatively a device with a pair of electronic keys, public and private keys, and the certification authority validates this association A DSC is a collection of information about the identification of a person (e.g. your Name, PIN code, country, email address, the date the authentication was granted and the name of the certification authority that granted it).

You are not authorized to do so. A digitally signed certificate can only contain one email address.

We will begin working on your request as soon as it is received. Same day delivery is possible.

In the computerised world, a DSC is nearly as essential as a passport or PAN card is in the physical one. As a consequence, each item on a digital signature certificate must be validated before it can be issued.

Namma Auditor has a rigorous privacy policy regarding the use of user and customer data. Namma Auditor will not share such information unless legally compelled

The applicant’s interaction with DSC is defined by three stages:

Stage 1 – Application submission

Stage 2 – Document Submission and payment

Stage 3 – Finished! Your digital signature is now active.

Unfortunately, places of interest cannot be repositioned. You should cancel the current DSC and apply for a new one using the same process you used before.

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